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Computer Science
Anthony Hurst

Computer Science Access Tutorial 1 Field Value - First set of field values (very top row) Record – The set of data under the field value Database (Relational Database)- Collection of related tables Common Field – connection in separate tables Primary Key – Uniquely field represented a record Foreign Key – Relationship of field between two different tables (DBSM) Database Management System – software programing system. Allows for creation manipulation of data. Relational database management system- common field of data collected in tables. Data type – the field value you enter AutoNumber – inserts a unique number in the fields of every record Layout view – make design changes to the form while its displaying data, so that you can see the effects of the changes you make immediately. Access Tutorial 2 Composite Key – a combination of two primary keys st Caption property – Sets the field name as the 1 set of data Number Fields Byte – whole numbers (numbers with no fractions) Integer- whole numbers -32,769 to 32,767 Single- positive and negative numbers up to seven decimal places Double- Stores positive and negative numbers to 15 decimal places Replication ID- Unique identifier for replication of tables, records, and other objects in databases One to many relationship – exists between two tables when one record in first table matches zero, one, or many records in the second table, and where the second matches at least one in the first table. Referential Integrity – set of rules that Access enforces to maintain consistency between related tables Cascade Update – eliminates the possibility of inconsistent data. Cascade Delete Related Records option – deletes records in related tables that have match foreign key values. Access Tutorial 3 Navigation mode – selecting an entire field value, if you type it replaces highlighted field Edit mode – insert or delete characters in a field value based on the location of the insertion point Find Command – allows you to search a table or query datasheet, or a form, to locate a specific field value or part of a field value AutoFIlter – enables tour to quickly sort and display field values in various ways Unique – sort field for each record is different Nonunique- more than one record can have the same value for the sort value Secondary sort field – second sort field which is a second field that determines the order of records that are already sorted by the primary sort field Filter – set of restrictions placed on record in an open datasheet or form to temporarily isolate a subet of the record Filter by selection – lets you select all or part of a field value in a datasheet or form, and then display only those records that contain the selected value in the field Filter by form – changes your datasheet to display blank fields Logical operators – combine two or more conditions AND logical operator – Two or more conditions met Calculated field – a field that displays the results of an expression Zoom box – dialog box that you can use to enter text, expressions or other values Expression Builder – is an Access tool that makes it easy for you to create an expression Aggregate functions – arithmetic operations on selected records in a database Group by operator – divides the s
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