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Comp Sci Session 10: Performing What-IF Analysis Comp Sci Session 10.1 Data Tables and What-IF Analysis Understanding Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships (pg. 166)  Cost-volume-profit (CVP) studies relationships expenses, sales, volume, and profitability Comparing Expenses and Revenue (pg. 166)  First component of CVP is cost or expense  There are 3 types of expenses: o Variable o Fixed o Mixed  Variable expenses change in respect to the amount of business a company does o Expense such as, buying the product, making the product.  Fixed expense that must be paid regardless of the number of sales. o Ex. Paying the employees, salaries, insurance plan, benefits  Mixed expense is a mixture of variable and fixed expenses. Determining the Break-Even Point (pg. 168)  Break-even point is the point where revenue equals expenses. Sales below the break-even point = lose of money, above the break-even point = increase in profit o CVP analysis calls this break-even analysis  Cost-volume-profit (CVP) chart is a chart that displays the point where the revenue and expenses meet. Performing a What-IF analysis with Goal Seek (pg. 170)  What-IF analysis lets you observe the impact of changing values in a worksheet  We can input an income statement into Excel and then perform: o What if analysis:  Change the value of an input cell and observe the effects on calculated cells o Goal seeking:  Specify the value for a calculated cell, then excel produce a input value needed to reach that goal Comp Sci Session 10: Performing What-IF Analysis 1 Goal Seeking  Very useful for doing simple queries to see what the effects are of changing the value of one variable  For more complex a
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