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Computer Science

Starting Word  Can create polished, professional documents  Adjust margins and spacing  Create columns and tables  Add graphics  Easily make revisions and calculations  Nonprinting characters: visual representation of details you might otherwise miss (ex. Extra spaces, ends of paragraphs) Creating a Block Style Business Letter  Each line of text starts at left margin  Nothing is indented  Choice of style made by personal preference or standards used in particular business Entering Text Inserting a Date with AutoComplete  AutoComplete: automatically inserts date/regularly used items for you  Type few letters of month then press Enter and will complete rest of word Entering the Inside Address  Inside address appears below date with one blank paragraph between  Inside address: address of recipient  Style used in a block style business letter ^ Using the Undo and Redo Buttons  Undo button: to undo last thing you did in a document  Redo button: reverses the action of the Undo button  Buttons are on Quick Access Toolbar  Undo button arrow undoes all actions up to and including chosen one Correcting Errors as You Type  AutoCorrect: automatically corrects common typing errors  Ex. Corrects first letter of sentence to a capital  Corrects when press spacebar, Tab or Enter  Spelling checker: continually checks document against built-in dictionary  Wavy red line: word that does not match spelling in dictionary, not in the dictionary, type two of the same word in a row  Wavy blue line: contextual spelling error (words spelled correctly but wrong context)  Wavy green line: grammar checker  Can “Ignore” or “Ignore All” for last names and stuff Adjusting Paragraph and Line Spacing  Paragraph spacing: space directly above and below a paragraph  Paragraph: group of words that is many lines long, a single word or blank line  Measured in points (point is 1/72 of an inch)  Default setting: 0 points before paragraph and 10 points after paragraph  Line spacing: amount of space between lines of text within a paragraph  Single spacing: 1.0 setting allows least amount of space between lines  Double-spacing: 2.0 spacing, etc.  Default setting: 1.15 which allows a little more than single spacing  Use Line and Paragraph Spacing button in Paragraph group to adjust spacing Adjusting Margins  Default: 1-inch margins on all sides of document  Horizontal ruler: 0-inch mark is right edge of left margin  Vertical ruler: 0-inch mark is bottom edge of top margin  Can change using the Page Layout tab Opening a Blank Document and Creating an Envelope  Templates: preformatted files  Click Envelope button in Create group on Mailings tab  Type address of recipient on envelope and click add to document Changing Page Orientation  Portrait orientation: page is taller than it is wide (default)  Landscape orientation: page wider than it is tall  Use Orientation button on Page Layout tab to change Changing the Font and Font Size  Default font: Calibri  Default size: 11 point Applying Text Effects, Fo
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