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Quick Check Answers Session 1.1 1. Two types of sheets used in a workbook- chart sheets and worksheets 2. Identify the active cell- The active cell is surrounded by a thick border and its cell reference appears in the Name box. 3. Fourth column and third row- D3 4. Switch back to theA1 cell- the Ctrl+Home keys 5. Text data- a combination of alphanumerical characters that form words and sentences (called a text string) 6. How do you start a new line of text within a cell- Enter the first line of text, press the Alt+Enter keys, and then type the second line of text. 7. Why doesn’t excel consider a date a text string- Because it’s a date; all dates are numbers formatted to appear in standard date formats. 8. Difference between clearing and deleting a row- Clearing a row removes only the contents of the row, deleting a row removes the contents and the row. Session 1.2 1. Two types of ranges in Excel- Adjacent ranges contain a rectangular block of cells; nonadjacent ranges contain a collection of adjacent ranges. 2. Range reference betweenA3 through G5 and J3 through M5,A3:G5;J3:M5 3. What formula would you use to add =B4+B5+B6; the function used is =SUM(B4:B6) 4. How do you rename a worksheet- Double-click the sheet tab, and then type a new name on the sheet tab. 5. Four ways in viewing a workbook- Normal view shows the columns and rows of the worksheet. Page Layout view shows the layout of the worksheet as it appears on a page. Page Break Preview shows the page breaks within the worksheet. Formula view shows formulas rather than the values returned by the formulas. 6. Page breaks are viewed - as dotted lines 7. How do you display formulas- Press the Ctrl+ˋ keys to switch to formula view. 8. Why would you scale a worksheet- to force a worksheet to print on one page Session 5.1 1. What’s the purpose of the freeze pane panel- To keep, or freeze, rows and columns so that they don’t scroll out of view as you move around the worksheet. Freezing the rows and columns that contain headings makes understanding the data in each record easier. 2. How do you tell if your worksheet is in a table- Filter arrows appear in the column headers, a table style format is applied to the table, and the Table Tools Design tab appears on the Ribbon. 3. Afield that you use to order data is referred to as a sort field 4. Sorting tools- Put in a table, Sort by year of graduation and then by last name. 5. How do you enter a new record in an Excel table- Enter the data for the new record in the row immediately following the last row of data in the table. 6. Sorting in different scenarios we use a - Create a custom list. 7. If we order data from most recent purchase to oldest, what order did we sort in- descending (Newest to Oldest) Session 5.2 1. The relationship between sort and subtotals is- You must first sort the data for which you want to calculate subtotals because subtotals are inserted whenever the value in the specified field changes. 2. How can you find the average salary of employees in the finance department- Filter the table to show only the finance department, and then use theAVERAGE function in the Total row. 3. How do you only display a list of marketing majors with a GPAof 3.0 or up- Click the Major filter arrow, and then check only the Marketing check box. Click the GPAfilter arrow, point to Number Filters, click Greater Than or Equal To, and then enter the value 3.0 in the box to specify the condition for a GPAgreater than or equal to 3.0. 4. How to change the amount of detail displayed after subtotalling -Click the Level Outline buttons. 5. True- the COUNT function is a valid function when using the subtotal command. 6. How to display multiple sets of data- Create a multi-select filter. Select multiple items from the Position filter menu. 7. How do you only show the total average of females in a table- Click the Gender filter arrow, and check only the Female check box. Insert the Total row, click the arrow that appears to the right of the total for the Salary column, and then clickAverage in the list of functions. Session 5.3 1. What is the default summary function for numeric data in a PivotTable- SUM 2. When creating a pivot table what do you use to lay out the fields in the report- PivotTable Field List box 3. What do you do after you update an excel table- refresh the PivotTable 4. How are fields such as region, state and country going to appear in a pivot table- as rows labels, column labels, or report filters 5. How are fields such as money and revenue going to appear on the pivot table- as values 6. To make a list of all women of all students we use (a) Filter; to count the amount of different gender students we use a (b) PivotTable 7. When the date acquired filed is displayed in a row of a pivot table by month or year, you have grouped the date acquired field. 8. How would you exclude some of the art objects in a pivot table- filter the PivotChart Section 7.1 Quick Check 1. What changes occur in the appearance and size of an Excel table after you enter a new column header named “PHONE”- The table style is applied to all rows in the new column; the range of the Excel table expands to include the new column (Phone). All features that apply to other columns in the table also apply
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