COMPSCI 1BA3 Chapter Notes -Relational Database Management System, Database, Meridian Regional Airport

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Organizing data: your first step in organizing data, is to identify the individual fields, for each entity. Entity: a person, object, or event: next, you use access to define each particular set of fields as a table, one table per entity. Each field (i. e. , column) has a specified data-type. A set of field values is called a record (i. e. , row: after entering data values into your table(s), you store the data as an access 2007 file (. accdb) A table is a collection of fields that describe a person, place, object, event or idea. The specific value, or content, of a field is called the field value. A collection of related tables is called a database, or a relational database. Common field, a field that appears in both tables. Microsoft access window is the program window that appears when you create a new database or open an existing database.