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The Pre-Colonial Economy 1492-1763 • period of European conflict • period of European/aboriginal conflict • Mercantilist philosophy • Canada vs US experience The Europeans Meet the Aboriginal Economy Why did the Europeans come to Canada? • Search for profitable alternative Asia trading route Europe was devastated by plagues and other diseases which led to a decline in population. Once, it recovered, population grew drastically. There was a demand for goods and merchants as well as others were searching for ways to get to Asia, in the cheapest way possible to acquire or trade for these goods. Travel by land took too long, was expensive and very unsafe. There were high tariffs and chances of getting looted. The desire to a safer, cheaper route to Asia set the desire to explore new methods of arriving to India and China. • European commercial revolution • Muslim control of Central Asia Muslims controlled Asia and aside from economic interests between the two parties, there was very little religious tolerance of one another. • Italian (Venetian) traders The Venetian traders dominated all the routes from Asia to Europe. There was a growing desire for merchants to find a cheaper route to Asia. (Italians from Pisa and Genoa) •Trade Routes Pre-1400Easing of transportation constraints –robbery, cost and high tariffs • limitation of pre15th century marine technology – were forced to travel by land which was expensive • shift to three sails • improved sa
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