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Joseph Adamson

Moby Dick Reading Notes Ch.1  The sea as a replacement of suicide  Meditation and water are wedded forever  The sea is tied to the soul of the artist, the boy, everyone  5-7 why he always goes to sea as a sailor not a chef etc.  7 theatre references  Fascination with whales Ch.2  Nantucket – the place where the first dead American whale was stranded  11 – description of a negro church  11 – Coffin a common name in Nantucket  “Let them talk of their oriental summer climes of everlasting conservatories; give me the privilege of making my own summer with my own coals”  12 – blubbering-awhaling Ch.3  13 – New England Hags  Oil painting with the whale-like blotch in the middle impaling itself on a ship  15 – Jonah works in the whale jaw bone  15 – “stooping over and diligently working away at the space between his legs”  19 – harpooner trying to sell head  26 –“Better sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian”  27 – “Never slept better in my life” Ch.4  Matrimonial cuddling with Queequeg  Queequeg vs. Christian men Ch.5  “All wearing monkey jackets for morning gowns”  Awkward breakfast  Queequeg has steak for breakfast and uses his harpoon to eat Ch. 6  37 – Houses harpooned and dragged up from the depths of the ocean  Whales and marriage Ch.7  Ishmael visits the church before leaving  Goes to church in a storm  Remembrances for sailors killed at sea, two in specific whaling incidents  42 – passage on death Ch.8  Chaplain was a whaler and still shows hardy characteristics  “Impregnable in his little Quebec”  44-45 Second painting of a ship in a storm  The world is a ship, the pulpit is its prow Ch.9  Sermon on Jonah of course… Ch.10  Queequeg carves his idol – religion able to adapt  “you cannot hide the soul”  Queequeg compared to General Washington the cannibal  The only philosophers are those who are unaware of philosophy  Ishmael smokes from the tomahawk  Married Queequeg Ch.11  To have comfort, one must have contrast Ch.12  Queequeg was going to become a Christian and try to convince the guys at home to become Christians but then he realized that even the paganism was better than that Ch.13  64 – Peter Coffin’s cock and bull stories  Book has lots of references to green already  Gods seem to be on Queequeg’s side  Foreshadowing Queequeg’s death  “We cannibals must help these Christians” Ch.14  70 – evolution of fishing Ch.15  72 – top mast as a gallows  Awesome chowder Ch.16  Picks out the Pequod due to its awesome old man appearance and cannibalistic qualities  Ishmael is a religious chameleon  Ahab’s evil name Ch.17  Christians not so superior to Pagans  Both men pity the other for his religion Ch.18  Bildad tries to convert Queequeg and calls in Quohog Ch.19  Prophecy of Ahab losing his leg  Crazy man named Elijah  “he was nothing but a humbug, trying to be a bugbear” Ch.20  Charity the sister of Bildad – allegorical figure  Ishmael knows something is wrong about not meeting Ahab before the voyage but suppresses it Ch.21  Elijah returns  Demon shadow sailors  The tomahawk’s two uses Ch.22  “Captain Ahab stayed below”  Green pg. 113  Winter vs. greenery Ch.23  Bulkington from a few chapters back in New Bedford is on board! Ch.24  Whalers get no honour though they butcher only as much as soldiers do  Whales have been romanticised through literature  Whaling is imperial and therefore respectable Ch.25  Whalers supply the oil to anoint kings at coronation Ch.26  125 – Courage: a fearless man is more dangerous than a coward Ch.27  Stubb and his pipe  Flask and his hatred of whales  Tashtego – harpooner with Stubb  Daggoo – harpooner for Flask  Queequeg harpoons for Starbuck Ch. 45  Examples of other whales tracked down and specifically killed  Oil has a great cost of life involved – more than is reported  Whales are more powerful than anyone could imagine  Examples of whales sinking whole ships Ch.46  Ahab knows he must pretend to be a whaling expedition instead of solely seeking the white whale Ch.47  Imagery of time, fate, and chance  Five dusky phantoms Ch.48  Fedallah  Men in Queequeg’s boat go overboard Ch.49  Ishmael decides to make a will Ch.50  Fedallah the mystery Ch.51  Storms of the coast of the Cape of Good Hope Ch.52  The new whaler meet
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