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Chapter 4

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Environmental Science
Sean Mc Master

Chapter 4 Measuring pressure-  Any instrument that measures pressure is a baramoter  There are two types of barometers most common for routine – one has mercry and other uses collapsible chambers Mercury Barometer  The standard for measuring pressure is mercyry barmother  It doesn’t empty  The air pushes downrard on the pool of mercry and forces some of it up into the tube  The grater the air pressure, the higher the column of mercry  Barometric pressure—often expressed as the height of the column of mercry in a barometer , which at sea level averages 76 cm  This measure is inconsistent with the conept of pressure, hwoever, because pressure desont have units of length  Mercr=ury is heavy , witha desnit y of 13.6 times Corrections to Mercry Baromte Readings  One of the important tools is a weather map, which along other things pltos the distribution of air pressure across the surface  3 correctiosn must be made on the map  1. Compensates for the influence of elevation, a. If surface pressure values were polotted on weather maps, they would give a false representation of the distribution of the atmosphere b. This happens because heavy high elevations have lower surface pressure than do low elevations even if the sea level pressures are the same  2. Similarity between a mercury barometer and a thermomether. Just as th
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