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Chapter 1

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McMaster University
Environmental Science
Luc Bernier

Weather and Climate Earth is made up of 4 interacting spheres – atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere – systems interact with each other Atmosphere: mixture of gas molecules, falling precipitation Hydrosphere: liquid realm of Earth Lithosphere: it includes all rocks and geological material, soil Biosphere: encompasses life on Earth, plants, animals Weather: condition of atmosphere at particular time and place, always changing Air temperature: degree of hotness or coldness in the air Humidity: amount of water vapour in the air Wind: horizontal movement of air Recurring atmospheric circulation patterns associated to weather patterns Front: boundary between air masses with different air temps and characteristics which interact producing precipitation and heating or cooling of air Climate -average conditions of atmosphere in a region El Ninos: interactions of the atmosphere with the ocean across the tropical Pacific -global scale changes in rainfall, temperature induced by this -changes eastward and westward and northward and southward Temperature: Measure of molecular energy within a
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