ENVIRSC 1G03 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-3: Pedosphere, Hydrosphere, Cryosphere

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Lecture 1 – Introduction
- Thin, blue region along the edge of Earth.
- Mixture of gas molecules, small solid and liquid suspended particles, and falling precipitation
- It includes: Gaseous part of Earth from its surface to the exosphere
- The liquid realm of the Earth, both fresh, salt, and frozen water, including snow and ice
- Frozen part of hydrosphere sometimes treated separately as cryosphere.
- Encompasses the solid Earth
- Includes all of the rock and geologic material making up the planet
- Also includes the soil, which sometimes treated separately as pedosphere
- The landforms of the lithosphere provide habitats for living organisms and the layer of soil is a
source of nutrients
- Encompasses all life on Earth, such as plants, animals, and humans.
Environmental Science: the study of how the natural world works, how humans affect their
environment, and how the environment affects humans in return
Assumptions for natural world
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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