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Walter Peace

Geographic Skills Learning What is a MapGraphic representation of the geographical settingShows where places and things are locatedany concrete or abstract image of the distributions and features that occur on or near the surface of the earth or other celestial bodiesProvides a birds eyeview of the earths surface allowing you to see where places and things such as parks and buildings are locatedCartography is the art of map makingMaps display data but they also reveal spatial relationshipsThey are an effective medium in the visualization of dataText can be organized in tablescharts which can also be organized in a mapGlobal maps and actual maps What is the Purpose of a MapDevice for recordingand communicating information about the environmentShows relationships between featuresOne of the primary purposes of maps is to represent geographical information in spatial format Device for determining patterns formed by many types of distributions on the earths surface as well as abstract featuresThey can predict potential issues due to climate change Who Makes and Uses MapsEveryoneSimple tools such as pen and paper giving directions to a placeOnline tools such as Google Earth and OpenStreetMap This allows users to view information that was previously only available in paper format as well as contributing to geographic knowledge through user participationGeographic Information Systems GIS such as GPSsThis allows for the capture storage manipulation analysis and dissemination of geospatial dataThis allows us to not only make maps but to analyze the data used to create the map and look for patterns for informed decision making based on maps What is a Topographic MapA topographic map is a 2D picture of a 3D surfaceThey use contour lines to represent height or elevation of geographical features These lines give the user the opportunity to visualize the landscape and also measure features such as slope angle and aspectWhat are some uses of topographic maps How are they different from your road map in the carTopographic maps have 3 main characteristics 1 They are usually produces by putting multiple maps together to cover a larger area 2 They show the surface of the Earth in great detail 3 They provide elevation informationProvides useful 3D topographic information that can be used for a variety of applicationsThis allows us to calculate gradientsEg model watershed drainage patterns determine animal migration patterns questions surrounding urban planningHigh level of detailRegarding the location of a particular region on the Earths surface its physical features vegetation and human or cultural characteristics Standardized colourssymbolsElevation information contour linesReferencing systemsTopographic MapsGoogle Maps Information on Topographic MapsA titleLegend found on the back of the map sheetEdition and map sheet informationScaleStatement of the contour intervalStatement of the magnetic declination of the sheetMost of the information is presented on the boarders of a topographic map sheetThis includes publishing information where when and by whom the map was publishedInternational system of colourssymbols
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