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Michael Mercier

GregBGEOGRAPHY 1HA3 NOTESKey Concepts in Human Geography IA Starting Point What is GeographyGeneral Questions to ConsiderWhat is geographyWhat is human geographyGeography The study of patterns and processes on the earths surfaceTwo branches of geography1Physical geography Study of patternsprocesses of the physical worldPhysical environment landforms climate hydrology geologyIe valleys rivers climate 2Human geographyStudy of patternsprocesses of the human worldSocial environment economy culture politics behaviourIe where people live what jobs they have Another way of looking at thisGeography what is where why there why care Charles Gritznerquoted in Norton p3What is whereInvolves description Why thereInvolves explanation Why careInvolves interpretation What is the meaning of significance Human GeographyDescription of the spatial organization patterns of people places and human phenomenaExplanation of the processes that produce these patterns eg globalization capitalism spatial agglomerationInterpretation of what these patterns mean ie the significance or meaning of these patternseg social inequality economic development peace or conflictGregBConcept SpaceSpace areal extend 1 Absolute spaceObjective measureable physically realcan see and feelHas boundaries Ie space of McMaster campus Can be seen on maps Absolute space example Mathematical projections2 Relative spaceSubjective open to interpretation not definable Can vary overtime varies from person to person Some say McMaster is big and spacious others would disagree Relative space example Topological MapsUnderground subway system distort distances and directions GregBConcept Location Location refers to a particular position in space1Absolute mathematical location ex things that GPSs use ie longitude latitude coordinates Absolute locations do not really change 2Relative topological location3Nominal toponym location a place name Hamilton Toronto Contested Because they are names associated with different groupspeople may refer to it as other things Location understandingplace of familiarity Concept PlacePlace identity or meaning or significance to you or collective people Examples Church your house that you grew up in bar restaurant schools etcLocationculturalhuman meaning placeSense of place personally significant attachment Local and regional characteristics of cultureflavorExplains why people travel Sacred places strong sense of placePlacelessness homogeneity and standardization Examples East side Mairos Walmart McDonalds All these places loses their sense of place because they are all the same Concept DistanceDistance amount of space between two or more locationsAbsolutephysical distance Travel distance the amount of time of the trip the method of travel Economiccommunication distancePsychological distance going back home after a bar with friends vs going back home alone day vs night sober vs drunkConcept Distribution Geographic phenomena distanceorganizationThree forms of distribution1DensityA ratio how many people in a given area
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