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Michael Mercier

Part 1 1HB3 INTRODUCTION TO URBAN & ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY 11/01/13 TODAY: pages 1-13 Geography: the study of patterns and processes on the earth’s surface • “Geo” (greek) meaning earth • “Graphe” (greek) meaning “to write about” * Geology happens BELOW the earth’s surface TWO BRANCHES OF GEOGRAPHY 1. Physical geography: study of patterns and processes of the physical world (physical environment) ­ Climate, weather systems, valleys, places, earthquakes, where mountains/ rainforests are, soil erosion… 2. Human geography: study of patterns and processes of the human world ­ Economies, societies and groupings, cultural characteristic’s, religions, clothing, languages, politics, behaviors (part of social environment) population issues (growth, decline), migration, where people live (settlement), health, transportation Another way of looking at geography: what is where, why there and why care? (Charles Gritzner) What is where? –Involves description of where things are ­ Describing spatial organization (pattern) ­ Cities close to Canadian and US boarder ­ Manufacturing plants for Toyota ­ Where are rich/middle/poor class neighborhood.. Is there a pattern? Why there? –Involves explanation for why things are the way they are ­ Explaining the processes that produce these patterns ­ Climate (people prefer to be close to hot climate), factories are the way they are due to globalization ­ Why are cities where they are Why care? –What is the meaning or significance, involves interpretation ­ Interpretation of what these patterns mean (what does this mean) ­ Related to social inequality (possible interpretation), globalization- the consequences of the loss of factory jobs in Canada (moved to Mexico) but Mexico people gain jobs (positive consequences for these people) Looking at Toyota manufacturing plants • In south east Asia there is SO much activity that this part of the world must be zoomed in – there is a pattern • DESCRIPTION: Spatial concentration of production facilities in certain parts of the world • EXPLANATION (S): Result of proce
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