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Michael Mercier

Geography is derived from geo which means earth and graphy which means to write Geography is divided into 2 categories physical and human geography An ex of both physical and human geography is the beach in Brazil Human geography studies the economy and the cities and its activities Physical geography studies the natural features such as landforms and vegetation Geography uses maps to explain where things are Geographers study why some places on earth are unique to others and why some are similar2 things to explain why every place is unique1 a Place is a specific point on earth distinguished by a particular characteristic 2 a Region is an area on earth distinguished by a combination of cultural and physical factorsTo explain why different places are interrelated there are 3 basic factors1 Scale relationship between the portion of Earth being studied and Earth as a whole 2 Space refers to the physical gap between 2 objects 3 Connection relationship among people and objects across the barrier of space Concerned with the various means by which connections occur To explain the significance of spatial patterns geographers examine the interrelationship between the natural environment and the human behaviour Humans are influenced by nature and in turn alter natures processThe earliest surviving maps were drawn in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 7th or 6th century BC Major contributors to geography in the Ancient Mediterranean were Thales of Miletus who applied principles of geometry to measure land area Hecataeus who may have produced the first geography book and Aristotle who was the first to demonstrate that the Earth was Spherical A map is a scale model of all or a portion of Earth made small enough to work with on a desk or computer and a map is a flat depiction of a nearly round Earth
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