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Geography Chapter 4 Canadas Human FaceAge dependency ratio The ratio if the economically dependent sector of the population to the productive sector The ratio of the young plus the old to the populating of working age 1564Aboriginal population is the opposite with the youthful population rapidly expanding Immigration plays a key role in CAD population increaseCanadas demography the scientific study of human populations including their size composition distribution density growth and relatedsocioeconomic characteristics is now more ethnically composed and culturally diverse than ever beforeCantonese is the third most commonly spoken language in Canada Population SizeCanada is a medium sized nation in terms of population There has been an increase in population since confederation due to natural increase births minus deaths population gained from territorial expansion Newfoundland joined confederation in 1949 and immigration which approaches 300000 annually Population DensityCAD pop density is one of the lowest in the world Physiological density amount of arable land per person oUsing this measure Canadas density is similar to the USPopulation Density number of people divided by land area CAD is 37 personssq kmBangladesh is the most densely populated countries with 1000 people sq km and Mongolia only has 17 people per sq km Population Distribution Defined as the dispersal of people within a geographic area CAD population is extremely unevenly distributed concentrated along the US borderConsists of a national population core along the border surrounded by a sparsely populatiooDescribed as CAD national ecumene the proportion of the land that is settled Highest density ONT and QUE both combined hold 62 of CAD populationFour population zonesoCore Zonedensely populated great lakes st Lawrence lowlands 59 of popoSecondary Zone moderately populated uthern portions of Appalachian and CAD shield Plains Cordillera 40oSparsely populated zonenarrow band of boreal forest stretching across mid Canada 1Fort McMurray is located here and is an example ofbooming resource townoEmpty zone less than one percent of the population outmigration is prevalent hereUrban Population oCMA urban area together with adjacent urban and rural areas that have a high degree of social and economic integration with the urban coreMust have a population of 100000CMAs have seen growth due to immigration rural Canadians moving to urban areas natural increase in the urban populationCanada went from having 10 CMAs to having 33 between 1931 and 2011Largest CMAs Toronto Montreal Vancouver Ottawa Calgary Edmonton Quebec
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