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Chapter 3

chapter 3

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Walter Peace

Chapter 3 Canadas Historical Geography The First Peoplefirst world ppl were Old World hunters who crossed a land bridge called Beringia into AlaskaYukon 3025000BPthe first ppl of NA are called PaleoIndias who arrived 11000BPPaleoIndians developed 3 hunting cultures Clovis FolsomPlano PaleoIndiansdescendants of the Old World hunters used fluted points to hunt mammothsmastodons became extinct then hunted buffalo and caribou fishplantsculture areas geographic regions w 1 a common set of natural conditions that resulted in similar plantsanimals 2 inhabitants who used a common set of hunting fishingfoodgathering techniquestoolsIndiansAlgonquins Cree Ojibwa are descendants of the PaleoIndiansdomesticated plantsanimals planted corn beanssquash the 3 sisters Arctic Migration2 developments were necessary before the Arctic could be occupies o melting of ice sheet that covered Arctic Canada o emergence of a hunting technique that would enable ppl to live in an Arctic envt 5000ya The PaleoEskimoan hunting cultureDenbighinvented a harpoonother tools to hunt sea animals3000ya Dorset culture replaced the Denbigh1000yaThule ppl ancestors of the Inuit developed a sophisticated seahunting culture Initial ContactsEuropeans consider the New World terra nulliusempty landsMay have been 500000 IndiansInuit in Cnd at time of first contact then decreased to 100000 after contact of Europeanso Due to new diseases from explorers fur tradersmissionariesHuronia most powerful Inidan group declined due to Europ diseasescolonial alliances on the Aborig ppls st John Cabot 1 Europ explorer to land in Cnd followed by Jacques CartierMartin Frobisher Culture Regions7 culture regions Eastern Woodlands IroquoisHuron Eastern CreeWestern Subarctic AthapaskansArctic Inuit Plains PlateauNW Coast Haida Nootka SalishThe Second Peoplecolonization of NA by the FrenchBritishFranceEngland established thcolonies in NA in the 17CQuebec City 1608 Samuel Champlain was the first permanent settlement
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