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Chapter 9

chapter 9

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Chapter 9 Atlantic Canada 2 regions MaritimesNewfoundlandApp UplandsLabrador Cndn Shield2006GDPunemployment was the lowest in Cnd Physical Geography2 regionso App Uplands worndown remnant of an ancient mountain chain formed in the Paleozoic Era o Cndn Shield upliftedglaciated Torngat Mntnssubject to orogeny rocks were foldedfaultedmntnsMarinetype weather due to the Atlantic OceanLabradorhas a continental effect due to cold dry air entering from Interior Cndhot humid air from Gulf of Meixco in the summerRaincomes from noreastersstrong winds off the ocean from the NEThick cool fog forms in Labrador St JohnsHalifax3 Climate zoneso Subarcticinterior Labrwarmer w boreal forest o ArcticN Labrtundra vegetation too cool for trees o AtlanticmaritimesNewfwarm moist airtropical stormsSt Johns has the most varied but mild climates in Canada Environmental ChallengesCollapse of the cod fishery due to tech advances catchesTragedy of the CommonsThe Sydney Tar Ponds the site of the biggest envtal cleanup st 1 part of NA to be discovered by Europeans by the Vikings made by John Cabot an Italian navigator reached Cape Bonavista Newf or Cape Breton thNS June 24 1497FrenchEnglish settlers arrived in 1610 by 17507000 settlers mostly English 1713NovaS was foundedrenamed by British1749HalifaxAmerican Revolution 40000 Loyalists went to NSNewB where they occupied the landHalifax was known as the Warden of the North due to its superb harbor for shipsThe driving forces pushing Brits from the British Isles were the Scottish Highland clearancesthe Irish famineHistoric Head Start Atlantic Cnd was the Golden Age of Sail w NSNewB becoming the leading shipbuilding centers in the British EmpireConfederation the provinces of Atlantic Cnd joined CNd at diff times o NSNewB joined at Confederation o PEI joined in 1873 o Newf joined in 1949stood to gain from social programs available to Cndns 1 Mothers received family allowancechild
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