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Health, Aging and Society
Geraldine Voros

Article1 Health Care Systems as Forms of Social and Symbolic Reality The Cultural Construction of Clinic RealityDecember 12 2013 1050 PM SYMBOLIC REALITYHealth care systems are andconstructed socially culturally They are the basis to what help us form social realities in the world we live in Social Realities signifyhighlight the world of human interaction existing inside the individual and outside the individual The individual absorbs internalizes social reality asa system of symbolic meanings and norms governing the behaviours perception of the world communication with others understanding of both the external and interpersonal environment he is situated inand what the world meanings to us in socialization Socialization takes places at the family but other groups OUTSIDE our family where we can interact with others SHARE ideas and thoughts and explore our world in ways we might have never imagined Socializationtakes place within the family education occupation rituals play etc That help us to ABSORB INTERNALIZE the norms in the world we live in That governs acceptable behaviours we should act like overallas social beings in one community Berger 1973 notes that the individual does not create his own identity just by his internalized views of the world but through
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