HLTHAGE 2G03 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-11: Mental Disorder, Minority Stress, Binge Drinking

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Reading Summaries
Mental Illness, Mass Shootings, and the Politics of American Firearms
- 4 misconceptions:
oMental illness causes gun violence
oPsychiatric diagnosis can predict gun crime before it happens
oUS mass shootings teach us to fear mentally ill loners
oBecause of the complex psychiatric histories of mass shooters, gun control
“won’t prevent”
- Majority of those with mental illness are victims and not perpetrators
- Other risk factors more strongly correlate with gun violence:
oHistory of childhood abuse, binge drinking, and male gender
- Psychiatrists are not much better than a regular person at predicting gun violence
The Origin of Psychiatry
- No mental hospitals at the beginning at the seventeenth century
- Medicine began with the sick person seeking relief, psychiatry began with
relatives seeking relief
- Psychiatry begins when people start interpreting mental abnormality in medical
- First order of psychiatry was to establish insanity as a genuine disease
oNext business was to distinguish insanity from other diseases and assign it
the singular characteristic that it deprived the person of higher mental
- Sane family members had to come up with a legal way to put away the
“annoying” family member
- Involuntary mental hospitalization began as a private, capitalist enterprise,
sanctioned by the state
Madness as Disability
- What defines madness in relation to disability is the concept of psychic pain
- What constitutes madness is always in flux
- Nineteenth century places emphasis on somatic definition as madness
- Autism was originally a psychiatric disorder, but is now seen as a
genetic/developmental disorder
- American’s with Disabilities Act defines disabling madness as “any mental or
psychological disorder, such as mental retardation, organic brain syndrome,
emotional or mental illness, and specific learning disabilities’ that ‘substantially
limits one or more major life activities of an individual; or that cause one to be
‘regarded as having such an impairment”
Experts of the Soul
- Psychology makes individuals who are calculable, make intersubjective spaces
that are manageable, underpins authority with an ethico-therapeutic rationale and
provides an ethical technology for the shaping of autonomous selves
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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