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2 Terminology and the Body Plan

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Krista Howarth

She doesnt test on material that she 2 Terminology and The Body Plandoesnt teach in class or labsSeptember 10 2013If something is mentioned in the book 836 AMthat skipped over in the class is not requiredSlide 2Anatomylooking at structures themselves variety of different level of structures ofent structures will dictate functionsIf we understand the structure it helps us understand what they do in the bodyPhysiologySlide 3Examining anatomy at variety of different functional level throughout the bodyNot a lot of focus on chemical level typicallyCell levelstructural and functional unity of living systemstalking about variety of different types of cells because of structure of various cellsanatomically dictate often what the tissue is doingCh 2 and 3 of textbook for basic reviewTissue levelgroup of similar sells its function dictated by the cells that it contains as well as the material surrounding itOrgan Leveltwo or more tissues functioning together Unless there are two or three tissues together its not really an organOrgan System Levelvariety of organs functioning together toward a common goalEg urinary systemOrganism Levelhow all are these organism systems working togetherHow do our variety of body systems work together to create homeostasisSlide 9Anatomical positionis where your body is erect body erect face forward feet together palms face forward important for bony structure
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