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4 Embryology, Growth and Development Sep13

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Krista Howarth

4 Embryology Growth and DevelopmentSeptember1313744 PMSlide 2Vagina is the opening to theexternal environment of the female systemMuscular thick wall is uterusMost inferior portion is cervix that is a link etween uterus and vaginaMuscular tissue allow expansion as the fetus develop as well as the strength to push the baby outTwo extensions uterine tube aka fallopian tubesThese extensionsat the lateral superior aspect of the uterus that provide opening and curl up around at the end in horn shaped structure called Ampullasite of fertilization sperm cell penetrates oocyteThere is a space between ampularegion and female organ that produces gamate cells called ovaryTwo ovaries and fallopian tubes bilateralThis picture is anterior viewDuring menstrual cycle phase one of those female sex cells get released in Ampulla regionSperm cells get deposited in vagina have to travel to Oocyte that is located in Ampullar regionTypically the region where fertilization actually occursWhole job of the sperm is to bring half of chromosomes to OocyteSperm cells deposited in vagina flegellum tails propel themAiming in different directions 200 million deposited and only 1 make it to uterus past the cervixDue to not being viable sperm is not strong enough secreti
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