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Labour Studies
David Goutor

The Formation of the Canadian Industrial Relations System During WWII 11/18/2013 4:37:00 PM Article Analysis Collective bargaining stemmed from the first WWI in order to protect workers and improve their lives Organized employees doubled in by 1946  The industries that grey the quickest & had the highest wages also were the ones unionized the quickest  Cost of living rose  Older workers were more reluctant to join unions because of previous experiences in the labour market (WWI) The growth of unions created a hostile relation between employers and unions 1944 gov‟t passed law for collective bargaining  probably to reduce the # of strikes and keep factories producing  1/3 of workers would strike before 1944 Craft exclusivity was the basis for successful unions early on  Protect against unskilled workers being brought in to drive down wage levels However, the counter argument was:  Industrial unions should be made because: o Belief in equality for all regardless of skill o Power in #‟s, not on skills Unions  New unions required gov‟t intervention to protect them  Craft unions did NOT need gov‟t  Dissatisfied with wage control policies “Model Bill” problems  did not get rid of company unions  did not allow employers to bargain with unions with majority vote The lack of labour recognition by politicians eventually made it an issue within politics & gov‟t policy making 1939  the war measures act rendered the gov‟t useles
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