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Life Sciences
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Rashid Khan

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-Evaluate the research hypothesis by testing the prediction of the null hypothesis  One way to do this is … Make new observations by collecting data from many different resources (example: yards for robins example) o With this data, you can test the prediction of the null hypothesis -When you fail a hypothesis you develop a new research hypothesis to explain the original observation Correlation and Causality -Correlation  The collected data represent a correlation between the two variables measured (they co-vary or vary together predictably)  Correlation does not demonstrate causality (even if they are correlated) therefore further testing is necessary for hypothesis o And researchers have to rule out plausible alternative explanations Hypotheses & Theories -Scientific Theories  Hypotheses that make many predictions, have been tested many times by many different scientists and have not been rejected(DEF)  They explain various phenomena which are all supported by observations & experimental testing o Examples: cell theory of living organisms & germ theory of disease -Social Sciences & The Natural Sciences -Social scientists create scientific theories and test their hypotheses using the scientific method to study human behavior and societies  Methodology includes: collecting data (surveys, questionnaires, and public opinion polls) & conducting experiments to obtain information about human values, perception & behavior -Two ways to study human behavior  Directly  Indirectly (through the study of animals)
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