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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Life Sciences
Brett Beston

Chapter 1Friday October 07 2011143 AMAnimal behavior is a self generated movement of either a body part of the whole body in animalsForagingfeedingWhat they are looking forSocial behaviorThere are courtship dances or rituals that animals doElephants are new to predationSome animals play dead and secrete the smell of death to send awaypredatorsTwo mechanisms that change behavior are Evolution1Learning2The ability to acquire a new neuronal representation of new informationAn individual may use that information to determine subsequent behaviorAll behavior originates from either mechanismEvolutionEvolution is any process that causes change in the proportion of heritable traits within a population spread over many generationsDarwinsMain contribution was that he came with the mechanisms that cause evolutionIt could be testedHe saw different turtles on the islands They had systematic changes Which was that he turtles that were close to the mainland were similar but the ones near the sea looked differentHis favorite quote was species were not made by godThree things that provide animals with reproduction advantages areNatu
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