LIFESCI 3C03 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Dementia, Point Mutation, Cistron

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Saturday, January 31, 2015
Selfish Gene!
Chapter 3
-Think of ourselves and other species, bacteria, viruses as “survival machines!
-All survival machines for the same kind of replicatorDNA!
-Our ancestors may have not been organic molecules, rather inorganic crystal
minerals !
-Volume - Chromosome Gene - Page!
-Book case - nucleus !
-DNA does two things - replicate and supervise manufacture of proteins!
-Genes are at least partly responsible for their own survival in the future,their survival
depends on the efficiency of the bodies in which they live and build. !
-Natural selections favours replicators that are good at building survival
machines, genes that are skilled in the art of controlling embryonic development. !
-Modern gene is highly gregarious. The manufacture of a body is a cooperative
venture of such intricacy that it is almost to disentangle the contribution of one gene
from that of another. A given gene will have many different effects on quite
different parts of the body. !
-Any one individual is just a temporary vehicle for a short lived combination of genes.
The combination of genes that is any one individual may be short lived, but the genes
themselves are potentially very long lived. Their paths constantly cross and
recross down the generations. !
-When two genes are rivals for the same slot on a chromosome they are called alleles
or rivals to one another. !
-During the manufacture of sperm or egg bits and pieces of each paternal
chromosome physically detach themselves and change places with exactly
corresponding pieces of maternal chromosome. —> crossing over!
-Cistron or gene - a sequence of nucleotide letters lying between a start and an end
symbol !
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