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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Life Sciences
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Social behavior
Animal behavior is a self generated movement of either a body part
of the whole body in animals
There are courtship dances or rituals that animals do
Elephants are new to predation
The ability to acquire a new neuronal representation of
new information
An individual may use that information to determine
subsequent behavior
Two mechanisms that change behavior are
All behavior originates from either mechanism
Evolution is any process that causes change in the proportion of
heritable traits within a population spread over many generations
It could be tested
He saw different turtles on the islands. They had systematic
changes. Which was that he turtles that were close to the
mainland were similar, but the ones near the sea looked
His favorite quote was: species were not made by god
Darwin's Main contribution was that he came with the mechanisms
that cause evolution
Natural Selection: transfer of heritable traits that increase
Individual Learning: Changing behaviors during their lifetime
Cultural transmission: changing behaviors during their lifetime
Three things that provide animals with reproduction advantages are:
Effects behavioral traits along with morphological, anatomical and
Basically crickets sing to attract bitches. Bitches like men that
can sing. The way these bros sing is using their wings that have
a serrated edge and they make dubstep music. BUT this dope
ass music brings flies to them and they ley eggs in them (ugly
bitches with aids= flies). These eggs fucking explode out of our
bros and kill them. SO our smart bros now have smaller wings
and cannot make music anymore. Bitches don’t like bros who
cant sing. So these smart bros now hang out with the still cool
bros (who still have wings) to attract bitches. But before the
bros had their own hoods where they attracted and banged
bitches. In these hard times bros got to help each other out
and share the wealth of bitches
Usually morphological changes is the reason behind behavioral
changes (crickets)
Another example of natural selection are the finches at the
Natural Selection
Chapter 1
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