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Chapter 12

MEDRADSC 2Z03 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Henri Becquerel, Silver Bromide, Nuclear Medicine

Medical Radiation Sciences
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Dawn Danko

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Radioactivity & Nuclear Medicine
Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen - Nov 8, 1895
Crooke's tube
Name x for the unknown
December 28, 1895, publication of the 'on a new kind of Rays'
Early 1896,
Scientists were aware the phenomenon of phosphorescence and uranium
Mineral give all visible light in dark room after exposing to sunlight
Henri Becquerel - French Physicist & chemist, March 2, 1896
Potassium uranyl sulfate
Wrap the photographic plate coated with a silver bromide into sheets of black
paper to prevent fogging from direct sunlight
Put slabs of uranium salt on top
Some directly on the paper and others on a piece of money or metal scream
Feb 24 1896
Phosphorescence substance emits rays which pass through the opaque paper
and reduce silver salts
Marie Curie
Piezoelectric effect
When crystals are compressed, the mechanical strain produced in electrical
Converse is true, causing crystals to form compress when placed in electric field
Compressing the crystals --> produce a potential positive on one side and
negative on the other
Stretching --> opposite
Curie Piezoelectric Balance
Quadrant electrometer (lord kelvin-1857)
Consists of central portion wire electrically isolated from the housing with four
additional electrically isolated terminals
Each of which communicated with 4 metallic plates suspended in the housing
chamber, just above the 4 plates metallic dumbbell eto be more solidly affixed to
torsion wire
Below the plates and similarly affixed to the portion wire was a reflective mirror
Depending on the nature of the experiment, various wiring configurations could
be utilized with the electrometer
oMost commonly, diagonal plates were electrically connected, output lead
from the test device with an connected to each of the diagonals
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