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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - JAZZ, by DeVeaux

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[email protected]ť „D„[email protected]@D„[email protected] ,[email protected] ţ[email protected] ţ[email protected], O 6f¾¯½fŶ©f¯¾nf°¾f°°°–f¯¾nf¾f¯° ¯½¾°– °f¾½fnf° °f¯¯°Ŧ O @¯€¾f€¾° ţ°nŶf¯¾nf°¾¯°¾f ¾°nf¾f¾¯f½fţ°!°½f°¾f¯½n O @¯"¾¾¯°–!n°f° ¯¾nf°¾n¯n°! °¾¯°¾#Ŧnnf°n¯¯°nfţ€fţ¾f °¾¾ţf½½°¾¾ţ #f¾°ţf°–ţn Ŧ O ௰½f¾¾¯¾Ŷ½¾nf n¾°¾ °"€ °¾¯° ¾¾° n¯°–Ŧ O @¯ff°¾°¾f¾° ¾€#½¾¾½½¾¾ţ!nnf¯ 6f€¯€nf°¯nf°¾Ŧ O @¯"¾¾ ff°°fŤff°°¾!°¾° Ŧ @-à, O °¾¯°¾fnf¾¾€ "!f¯f¾° Ŧ O °©fţf–¾nf–¾º°°¾¯°¾°¾¾° ¯f " ¯°–f Ŧ O ©f°¾¯°¾°n "f¾¾°–°¾¯° ţf° ¯¾ ½n¾¾° Ŧ O °¾¯°¾nf°f¾"nf¾¾€ "¯¾nf¾ť½f¾!¯½¾° ¾½–¾¾¾ f ¾°nţf° fnn¯½f°¯°¾°!°f¾ ¯¾n°Ŧ O @¯¾n°¾¾n °¾¯°¾nf½f"€¾½½°–"f¾n ¯°¾€fnn¯½f°¯°ť¯f° f¯°Ŧ J--à@D,[email protected]à O J°°¾¯°¾"!°–°f"ţ!n¾¾fn¯°€f° "f°ţ½ n°–f½fnf¾° Ŧ O ,¾!° ½f¾½ nf¾–!""°½nţ°!°f¾f O @€!¾f¾€¾f"!nf°–°–°–¾ţ ½° °–°! ½f½°¾f° n¾¾¾Ŧ O °nf¾°–¾½ €fnf°–¾½nť"nf°–°–¯n ¾f½°–f° ½¾°°–€½¾f° €fnf¯¾n¾ nf°nf°– ½nŦ O °¾¾Ŷ–½n¾nf¾ "¾n° f"f°¾€¯f° ¾° !fŦ O f¾¾°¾¯°¾¾n½¯½n¾ţ!nnf ½€¯¾½¾Ŧ O @"f°€½¾ţnf°–f° €"ţ¯¾n¯°€ff° ½ n¾°¾Ŧ O °°n ¯f°n° nf"ţf¾¾f¾f½ ½¾°¾ţ ff Ŧ O nf¾€°–¾nf°°n¾n¯½%%Ʒ€¯ţ¾f¾ n°f°°–¯f°n¯½f¯°Ŧ O @¯¾n¯¯°"f¾¾°¾¯°¾¯½Ŧ¾"f°–"¾° n° nf°fn¾° ţ!€f¾°°¾¯° ¾Ŧ O °¾¯°¾€ff"f°nf¾¾f¾–¾f°–ţnf fn°nf Ŧ O @n°¾f½ffn°nf°¾¯°ţ€f°–!f ¾° Ŧ O @¯½½f¾nf¯¾!¯f¯" 4 @¾f–¯¾°¾ n°"€°¾¯°f° ¾¾° !¯n ¾° 4 @n½¯f ¾f°#°¾°f° ¾¾° 4 @‘f¯°¯¾f!¯!f°n°fnf¾ f–n°n°f ¾° 4 @½°–¯¾"¯€f½°–f° nf¾ff€ ¾° Ŧ O ‘f€ŴIf°–Ŷ ½¾¾°–°¯€f¾°f€!fŦ@¾n €!€f½ n¾f°°nf°½n O f#Ŷfn"!°!°¾f¯¯n¾f! "fŦ O ¾¾f°$¾¯fŶf¾ f°f"¾½f– ¾f¯¾¾€¯° °f° [email protected][email protected] O °¾¯°¾f!½n €¾°–f°"f°f° ¾ť°¾f €½¾¾°–½¾f–f°¾¯½nţ¯½n¾ °¾ "!°½¾Ŧ O @½f"!¾f¾f¯€f°°f!½f¾¾f–!f"!°¯" f° f ½f€¯½nţnf¾°– "ff° ½ n°–f¾° ¾¾"°–f° ¯¾"f°"f¾¾°¾¯°¾Ŧ O à° ¾fn°f°¯f°°½nf°!°f¾¯½°n¾ O @nf°¾f¾¯ţn° nfţ"°Ŵn ! °"f½ n¾f °ţnnf¾°f¾¾° Ŧ¾f¾f° f °¾¯°€f°©f"f° Ŧ O @¾f%½°¾°!° °¾¯°f©fnf°nf¯f¾¾!°Ŧ@ f €€°½¾€¾f#½°¾ťfţ°ţ¾½f°ţf° "f°Ŧ @,à@- O @¯¯"¾€¯¾n°fnf°– ¯ţ"¾f °¯"€ţf° €°n°¾f½ f¯°ţf¾ţf° ½n¾¾°Ŧ ‘„-'[email protected]„@- O ௰¾¯°¾f°ff ¾–° ½fn ¾€°¾¯"Ŧ@¾ °n f½°ţ–f°ţ¾°¾(ţnn½f°ţ–ff° f°©Ŧ O @¯¾¯½f°¾½f°ť¾"f¾°–°¾¯°f° f€¯€ ½n¾¾°Ŧ O @"f¾¾¾n°!n©f°¾¯"¾"Ŧ O f¾¾f¾!nnf€°n°¾ť½f°–°¾f¾½½f¯°f° ½ °–f"f¾n° °–¯n€° f°Ŧ O °¾¯°¾°n ¾°–f¾¾ţnnf¾¾ţf° fŦ O Jf"f¾¾ţ©f¯¾nf°¾½n¾°–¾!€°–¾ţ°!°f¾½((nfŦ O @"f¾f!Ŵ½n "f¾¾°¾¯°Ŧ 9D- O @¯¾¾°€¯f°½n¾¾°°¾¯°¾ţ!nn°f°¾ť 4 f¾¾ ¯ 4 f–¯Ŵ¯ 4 à¯f¯Ŵ¯ 4 à°f ¯ 4 n¯"f 4 f¾n¯"f 4 –Ŵfn¯"f 4 àn¾ţ"¾¾ţf° ¯f¾ -,à O ¯¾€¾ ¾ť 4 9f°¾¾¯ 4 9f° 4 ,½f° 4 ,€ 4 4 ¾¾¯ @,ţ,@-àJ- ‘'@‘„ O འ°–½ţ¾!°– !°ţ€f¯ţ¾½½°–f"f¾nf €¯Ŧ O nf°(f¾fnf¾¾nf¯¾n! €f°°fnn¯½f° ½f¾¾f–€"f° ¾Ŧ"–°¾!½¾ţ(ţ)ţ* f° °f¾°"fŦ „@ O J°n°°–f"fţ! °°¯fn°Ŵ(Ŵ)Ŵ*ŴŴŴŴŴŴ%ţ" f¯fnfn°Ŵ(ţŴ(Ŵ(Ŵ)Ŵ*ţŴ(Ŵ)Ŵ*ŦJf¯fnf–½½¾¾ °½f°¾ţnf ¯¾Ŧ O @¯¾n¯¯°¯¾½¯ţ!n¯f°¾f"f¾f –½ °½f°¾€!€Ŷ¯f¾ff¾ !€"¾ O ௽n¾f°f½¯Ŷ–½¾€¾nf¾Ŵ(Ŵ)ţŴ(Ŵ)Ŧ O ,¾nf°¾f¾¾fº°fŶ½fn!f–"–°n°°–Ŧ ,¾nf°¾½nf¯f !°"fnf–¯nfnn°¾ţ f¯°n½f°¾ţf° ½f¾°–€¯ ¾Ŧ 9'‘'@‘„ţ-9-ţ-'[email protected] O 6f¯¾n¾–f° "¯nf¾ť–° f ½f¾f n°f¾!°f°ţ°–¾nff°€ !Ŧ O @¾¯f°¾¾€n°f¾°–¯¾¾°!°f¾½¯ ¯nn°f¾Ŧ O °€nf°¯nf°¯¾nţff!f¾ff¾! €€°¯
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