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Sean Corner

Instructors: Stefan Rodde &Adam Sopuck Date: 12/11/13 Class: Philosophy & the Sciences 1D03 Topic: Philosophy of Technology Technology Day 2 Science & Technology  What is the relationship between Science and Technology o Traditional Answer: Technology is the applied Science, while Science is just theory  This is a problematic conception o Science and Technology are mutually dependent  In Science we investigate the reality that is given; in technology we create a reality… Science and Technology Skolimowski  Both Science and Technology aim at progress o But progress means something different in each case  Science: o Goal is to increase knowledge, means is falsification  Technology: o Goal is to produce better objects in a more efficient way, means to increase effectiveness Technology  What is Technology o Products of technical know how (artifacts) o A type of knowledge associated with production  But neither of these conceptions give a complete picture  What would it take for there to be an artifact whose existence depends on you? o You made it o You gathered the raw materials o You made the tools o Yu taught yourself how to do it  Technology typically requires social organization  Technology is the social organization of knowledge, people and things in order to accomplish certain practical goals Technology and Society  Technology changes the way people relate to and rely on each other o This is obviously true in the cases of networking technologies  This is because when many networks are connected (one computer working online isn’t as effective as many connected at once) Richard Sclove: (“I’d Hammer out Freedom”)  Every technological artifact helps define and regulate human behavior  Technology is a social structure 1 Instructors: Stefan Rodde &Adam Sopuck Date: 12/11/13 Class: Philosophy & the Sciences 1D03 Topic: Philosophy of Technology Technology Day 2 Social Structure  A background feature which helps us define or regulate human behavior o We are only dimly aware of their operation influence. (They include):  Ex. Media  It exhibits a certain mindset that influences our behavior  Ex. Language  Ex. Dominant political and economic institutions  Systems of cultural belief  Ex. Law  Rarely reflect on law but it influences our behavior  Technological Artifacts  Artifacts define and regulate patterns of human behavior in many
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