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Political Science

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Political Science
Greg Flynn

Prime Ministerial control of the operations of the House of Commons weakens the House’s responsibilities and capacities;  To review and approve or reject the governments legislative proposals  To scrutinize the governments administers of public affairs  To h0ld the prime minister and other ministers to account for their performance (individually and collectively)  To withdraw its confidence in the prime minister and government when a majority wishes to do so  To replace the primes minister and government with an alternative prime minister and government that has the confidence of a majority Prime Ministerial control of the operations of the House risks an abuse of the basic premise of responsible government—namely, that the House be in session in order to carry out these responsibilities. The House cannot do so when it has not been summoned, been prorogued, or been dissolved. The Canadian problem has two dimensions: 1.) Constitutional: Concerns the capacity of the prime minister to abuse te constitutional powers to summon, prorogue, and dissolve the House of Commons to advance the partisan interested of the new governing party. For ex
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