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Political Science
Nibaldo Galleguillos

Many economic development theories; known as development strategies Arrive to an agreement to where we are in 6 decades;  after economic theories we have not made an impact  we have tried every theory; and it was not successful in eliminating the problem i.e. poverty More development theories after/with Truman Economies are expected Economic theories failing  when economies were discouraged; comparative advantages; anticipating new social scientist to help with economics (sociologist, psychologist, anthropologists and political scientist)  there were obstacles o comparing developing societies with underdeveloped o visible in third world; individuals have belief, different cultures, values, behaviours different than developed nations Modern Societies  US was seen as the perfect society o hegemonic figure  modernizations o why underdevelopment exists?  emphasis is on culture  problem with developing countries culture; it was traditional ; which means  unscientific  irrational  illogical  builds authoritarian personality (individuals afraid of change) o are premise on the theoretical contribution of the French  Auguste Comte  invented sociology  le cour de socologique  founding father of the development of positivism  we believe that everything can be explained scientifically, rationally, and logically o is what happens in society o scientific discoveries are based on replication/validation, experiment, observation to explain social phenomenon  supporter of evolution  core of modernization theories o constant change, evolvement o societies are always developing as they are changing; it has reformed; developed o 3 stages of evolutionism  abstract philosophical esoteric  fictitious/religious  positivist/rationales  French revolution brought the fall of monarchy and start of democracy  Comte concerned that the French revolution had a problem that hinders till today; the involved in changing and stability; need order, disruption held under control  main emphasis  resort to reason and scientific ways to how things happen/ occur  Max Weber  wrote the „protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism„  in this book comparing the different development paths of 3 countries o England  why was it the first to modernize  develop o China o India  hypothesis  like England china and India had a unique religion; Protestantism o seems to be correspondence between British are capitalist & protestant  certain values giving in Protestantism  concern; to make the best of live this life (no after life)  modernization theory took this thesis as a universal law o looks at specific instance; when England became the first moderni
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