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Burnell, Peter & Vicky Randall. 2011. Politics in the Developing World (3 edition); New York: Oxford University Press. 2XX3 – Politics of the Developing World Fall 2013 Saturday, September 7, 2013 T HE DEVELOPING WORLD IN INTERNATIONAL R ELATIONS C H 5 Traditional IR theory does not have the tools to understand the developing world. 1. Four-fifth of the population is excluded as a subject of study 2. It overlooks the central role played by developing countries as actors in international politics and as sites of confrontation and competition. o Reflected a North American and European perspective on the world 3. It over looks the fundamental changes to the international system: dissolution of the European empires; and the rise of China 4. Traditional View: is one in which the state is the key actor, and is the guarantor of the ‘good’ life for its citizens N ORTH -SOUTH R ELATIONS DURING THE COLD W AR The Cold War  The period of confrontation between the United States and the former Soviet Union between 1945 and 1990  International system is bi-polar o First World – The United States and its allies o Second World – Soviet Union and Eastern Europe o Third World – Decolonized countries of Asia and Africa, and countries of Latin America, most of which gained their independence at the start of the 19 century  Direct intervention through the use of Carrot of Aid policy, stick of sanctions or threat of the withdrawal of aid o Proxy fighting forces: Mujahidin to challenge the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, use of the Cuban army to support leftist governments in Southern Africa  Late 1950s – 1960s both superpowers increased their
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