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Political Science
Todd Alway

Readings Summary: Epstein, Gerald, and Carrick-Hagenbarth, Jessica, “Financial Economists, Financial Interests and Dark Corners of the Meltdown: It’s Time to set Ethical Standards for the Economics Profession,” PERI Working Paper, No. 239, October 2010  Epstein and Carrick-Hagenbarth analyze the conflict of interest that exists when academic financial economists, acting in their roles as presumed objective experts in the media and academia on topics, such as financial regulation, fail to report their private financial affiliations.  The authors analyze the linkages between academia, private financial institutions and public institutions of nineteen academic financial economists who are members of two groups who have put forth proposals on financial reform.  In addition, they review media writings and appearances, as well as the academic papers of these economists between 2005 and 2009, to determine the portion of the time these economists identified their affiliations with private or public financial institutions when writing about or commenting on financial policy issues.  The vast majority of the time, these economists did not identify these affiliations and possible conflicts of interest.  In light of these and related findings the authors call for an economists’ code of ethics which would require academic economists to identify these connections in appropriate contexts. Political Science 3N06 Conducting the Literature Review Lit Review due oct 14-18 average of 8 sources Lit Review is a re-view of something that is already written about  define research problem or question =: find a gap, ask a question  not just a summary; it is the idea to select main relevant works  and who how it relates to your research  expanding knowledge of the topic Searching for information  start with a general topic, interest, explore, read widely  construct your research question or statement  decide on a search strategy  determine the sources you are looking for o peer-reviews articles  use library database  do some preliminary searching  revise your question based on your f
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