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January 21, 2013 EVOLUTION AND H UMAN BEHAVIOR : SEX DIFFERENCES INR OMANCE AND RISK-TAKING  Heritable variance leads to differential reproductive sex  Outcome variance can drive different solutions to the same problems o High variance leads to more outcomes & vice-versa o Experiment that tested risk-taking (gambling)  Men chose a higher risk-taking action than women o Experiment where contexts driving lethal violence as competitive risk-taking  Often challenge to social status of individual or rivalry over women which leads to homicide  Men more likely to engage in risky-type behavior such as homicides (that are in their early 20’s)  Behavior= psychological mechanism + input from environment o Different between men and women  Evolved psychological mechanism coded in brain o Encoded through synapses and can be passed down generations  In studies where pictures of babies represented individuals can pick out parents easily  People tend to notice similarities between father and baby more than mother st  1 experiment-> if people shown newborn infants they don’t notice real differences between father and mother  2 experiment-> Thought Experiment: Looking for Love o Women look for- quality, potential resources o Men look for- physical attractiveness, sex  3 Experiment Romance in the Friend Zone Men Women Are you attracted to More likely to report your friend? Yes Is your friend More likely to say attracted to you? Yes- must be mutual Would you date your More likely to say friend? Regardless of Yes relationship status.  Different Adaptive Problems o 1. Metabolic demands of reproduction  Different pathways between gender  For men, given the cheap biological cost, they engage in more sexual acts,  For women, given high biological cost, they are more
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