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Categories And Concepts - Two cognitive mechanisms: attention and memory - Attention helps you to focus finite mental resources on key parts of the active scene - Memory helps you recall specific behaviours, which are appropriate to your current needs Categorization - Without the cognitive ability to categorize, every sensory experience would be completely unique, thus making you unable to draw connections with the past and being forced to make unique decisions on even the most routine actions - Ex. Sumit wakes up with a headache and categorizes the situation in “hangovers” - With previous experience, he concludes that his current condition is best treated with lots of water and quietness Illusion Of The Expert: Feeling that something must be simple because you’re so good at it. - Susceptible to this when dealing with simple categories Rules - When asked to define rules, you may find it difficult to properly exclude and include items for category membership - When given a test stimulus, you can easily decide membership - Suggests that humans have an internal representation of categories that’s independent of the rule we try to define Prototype: An internal representation of the category. - Ex. A prototyp
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