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Chapter 11.4

PSYCH 1XX3 Chapter 11.4: PSYCH 1XX3 - Module 11.4 Notes (The Ear)

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Joe Kim

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PSYCH 1XX3 Dr. Kim & Dr. Cadieux Module 11.4 – Audition (The Ear)  The ear is a sound-detecting instrument that is used to detect sound waves and convert them into something that the brain can interpret. The Structure of the Ear 1. 2. 3.  The ear can be divided into three sections: External, Middle, and Inner ear o Each area conducts sound in a different way o Incoming changes in air pressure are:  Channeled through the external ear  Then onto the middle ear, and amplified so that it can be detected as changes in fluid pressure  These changes in fluid pressure are then finally converted to auditory neural impulses 1. The External Ear o Collects and amplifies sound waves o Made up of the pinna, the ear canal, and the eardrum  The pinna is the folded cone that collects sound waves in the environment and directs them along the ear canal  The ear canal narrows as it moves towards the eardrum and functions to amplify the incoming sound waves, much like a horn  The eardrum is a thin membrane vibrating at the frequency of the incoming sound waves and forms the back wall of the ear canal 1. The Middle Ear o Contains the ossicles -- the three smallest bones in the body
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