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Chapter 14.2

PSYCH 1XX3 Chapter 14.2: PSYCH 1XX3 - Module 14.2 Notes (The Environmental Model)

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Joe Kim

PSYCH 1XX3 Dr. Kim & Dr. Cadieux Module 14.2 – Psychological Disorders II (The Environmental Model) The Environmental Model  The environmental model considers the effects of the environmental factors on causing psychopathology o ie. Where we live, who we socialize with, what we eat o Ex. Epidemiological studies show that depression is twice as common in females than it is in males  One theory suggests that it may be due to the fact that women simply face more adversity than men  Plausible that being at a higher risk for sexual abuse or living in poverty may lead to a higher risk for depression o Ex. Schizophrenia is triggered by an environmental component  Diathesis-stress hypothesis: Schizophrenia is thought to develop when a genetic predisposition, or diathesis, is paired with environmental stress  Imagine as points system -- passing a certain threshold level of points will cause schizophrenia  Individuals who are born with a high diathesis only have to experience a minimal amount of life stress in order to develop the disorder  If an individual with a low diathesis experiences the same amount of stress, they are not likely to become schizophrenic  However, if the same individual experiences a large enough amount of stress, they could acquire enough "points' to develop schizophrenia  Thus, environmental stress directly affe
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