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Jeff Landry

CH 4 Cognitive Devp10311532 Cognitive Dev in InfancyWhat are fundamental features of Piagets theories of cognitive devHow has Piagets theory been supported and challengedPiaget believed basic building blocks of the way we understand the world are mental structures schemesorganized patterns of functioningthat adapt and change w mental devPiaget suggested 2 principles underlie growth in childrens schemes assimilation and accommodationAssimilationProcess by which ppl understand an experience in terms of their stg of cognitive dev way of thinkingInfant who tries to suck on any toy in the same way is assimilating the objects to her existing sucking schemeChild who encounters a flying squirrel at a zoo and calls it a bird is assimilating the squirrel to his existing scheme of birdAccommodationWe change our existing ways of thinking understanding or behaving in response to encounters with new stimuli or eventsChild sees a flying squirrel and calls it a bird with a tail he is beginning to accommodate new knowledge modifying his scheme of birdPIAGETS 6 SUBSTAGES OF SENSORIMOTOR STGSensorimotor Period Earliest Stgs of Cognitive GrowthInitial stg of cognitive dev broken down into 6 substages1
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