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Psych 2B03: Theories of personality Chapter 1: The study of the person The study of the person - personality psychology addresses all three parts of the psychological triad: how people think, feel and behave - inconsistencies between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours The goals of personality psychology - personality refers to an individuals’ characteristic patterns of thoughts, emotion, and behaviour, together with the psychological mechanisms behind those patterns Mission: impossible - basic approach: limited to certain kinds of observations, patterns and ways of thinking about these patterns - trait approach: focus on ways people differ psychologically and how these differences might be conceptualized and measured - biological approach: address biological mechanisms such as anatomy, physiology, genetics, evolution and their relevance for personality - psychoanalytic approach: concerned with the unconscious mind, and the nature and resolution of internal mental conflict - phenomenological approach: focus on people’s conscious experience of the world:  humanistic psychology: pursues how conscious awareness can produce such uniquely human attributes as existential anxiety, creativity, and tries to understand the meaning and basis of happiness  cross-cultural psychology: emphasizes the degree to which psychology and the experience of reality might vary across cultures - learning approach: concentrate on the ways people change their behaviour as a result of rewards, punishments and other experiences in life:  behaviourist: focus on overt behaviour and the ways it can be affected by rewards and punishments  social learning: attempts to draw inferences about the ways that mental processes determine how behaviours are learned and performed  cognitive personality psychology: applyi
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