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Chapter 12


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Jennifer Ostovich

Chapter 12 Prejudiceracial profiling is commonly occurring practice in Ontario black latinos natives commonly receive greater scrutiny from policeThe nature and power of prejudice What is prejudiceprejudice a negative prejudgement of a group and its individual members bias against a person based solely on our identifying the person with a particular group an attitude prejudiced person might dislike hose different from self affect behave in a discriminatory manner believing them ignorant and dangerous cognitionnegative evaluations that mark prejudice stem from emotional associations need to justify behaviour stereotypes a belief about the personal attributes of a group of people over generalized resistant to new informationMs more assertive and ambitious vs Miss or Mrs Married women who keep their own surnameassertive ambitiousOldermore likable less strong and active oldless activeGermanshardworking Frenchpleasure loving british unexcitableSouthern Europeansless efficient more expressive truePositivenegative and accurateinaccurate Accurate stereotypes raises cultural awareness Problem overgeneralized plain wrong Prejudicenegative attitude does not necessarily breed hostile actsDiscriminationnegative behaviour may have source of prejudicial attitudesNot all oppression springs from prejudice Racism and sexism are practices that discriminate even when theres no prejudicial intentRacism and sexism1 an individuals prejudicial attitudes and discriminatory behaviour toward people of a given racesex or 2 institutional practices that subordinate people of a given racesexPrejudice subtle and overt prejudice gone underground Subtle forms of prejudice subtle prejudice exaggerating ethnic differences feeling less admiration and affection for immigrant minorities rejecting them for supposedly non ratio reasons is replacing blatant prejudicemodern racism cultural racismJanet Swim Subtle sexism parallels subtle racism Appear in denials of discrimination and in antagonism towards efforts to promote equality eg Blacks are getting too demanding in their push for equal rightsIan AyresBias in behaviour Charged black females the most and white male the leastWhite student interact w white or black student response on racism scalepredict racial bias it what they said in interaction automatic emotional reactionspredict nonverbal behaviour Automatic prejudiceexplicit conscious and implicit automatic attitudesexplicit may change with education but implicit changes only as we form new habits through practiceautomatic stereotyping and prejudiceexperimentsbriefly flash words or faces that prime automatically activate stereotypes of some racial gender or age group if primed by imagesassociated with blacks react with more hostility to an experimenters annoying request910 white people took longer to identify pleasant words when associated with black faces Blackwhiteharmless objectgunpress shoot or not shootmore often mistakenly shot targets who were black More quickly recognize gun and more often mistake tools as guns when primed with black Amadou Diallo black immigrant from NY was shot 41 times by police for removing wallet from his back pocket Different brain regions are involved in automatic and overt stereotyping automatic involves amygdale associated with fearCompared with jewish authors nonjewish authors had 40 higher odds of citing nonjewish namesSocial sources of prejudiceGender roles and prejudice Culture whats shared by a large group and transmitted across generations ideas attitudes behaviours traditions Gender roles a set of behaviour expectations for males and females have been changing with the yearsCan gender roles lead to gender stereotyping and sexismGender stereotypesgender stereotypes exist and members of the stereotyped group accept it eg of the 78 who believed females were more emotional outnumbered those who thought males were by 15 to 1 female thought the samebehaviours associated with leadership are perceived less favourably when enacted by a woman given a photo of graduate students asked subjects who contributed most to the groupeach of the men received more choices than all women combined gender stereotypes are very persuasive stereotypes beliefs are not prejudices attitudesSexism benevolent and hostileattitudes to women are quite positive favourable stereotype kind helpful womenarewonderfuleffectfavourable attitudemixedbenevolent sexism women have a superior moral sensibility vs hostile sexism once a man commits she puts him on a tight leash
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