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Gautam Ullal

Psych 2E03: Sensory Processes Chapter 5: Perceiving Objects The Gestalt Approach to Object Perception - structuralisms: perceptions are created by combining elements called sensations - Gestalt psychology:  Apparent movement: when two stimuli that are in slightly different positions are flashed one after another with the correct timing, movement is perceived between the two stimuli. No movement in the display  Illusory contours: contours aren’t actually present in the physical stimulus  Perception of one part of the display is affected by the presence of another part  Difficult to explain a perception that is present and then gone in terms of sensations, since stimulus on retina never changes  The whole differs from the sum of its parts  Perceptual organization: how small elements become grouped into larger objects  Once you perceive a particular grouping it is often difficult not to perceive it this way - Gestalt laws of perceptual organization:  Pragnaz: every stimulus pattern is seen in such a way that the resulting structure is as simple as possible  Similarity: similar things appear to be grouped together  Good continuation: points that when connected, result in straight or smoothly curving lines are seen as belonging together, and the lines tend to be seem in such a way
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