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Chapter 13

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PSYCH 2MA3 Chapter 13 245259 1The question of meaning in musicCrossTolbert 2009two approaches for understanding music 1 referentialist perspective the meaning of music lies in how the notes symbol system associate and highlight concepts outside the symbol systemnote the musics meaning is largely determined by its context referentialist view parallels the semantics of language2 aesthetic perspective music exists to be beautifulits meaning extends no further than the music itself music is selfreferential program music music designed to evoke certain interpretationsconcept albums show thats music may be able to refer to something other than itselfmusic may have intentionalityit is about somethingmusic is emotional in 2 ways 1 it induces the listener feel bodily sensations that are interpreted as emotions2 it can also express emotions listeners get a certain satisfaction from music even when nothing that be interpreted as an emotional state is felt by the listener music has no literal meaning that language contains music can imitate external sounds eg bird songsthe meaning of music can be conveyed through lyrics or other mediums eg texts given at operasmusic conveys meaning by taking on a structure that forms a parallel between the referent and the form of music ppl probably have an idea of what the music expresses rather than the music evok
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