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Ayesha Khan

Lecture 1: History of Neuropsychology Aristotle: Mentalism - First individual to develop a formalized theory of human cognition and behaviour - Within the context of early religion and under scrutiny by the theologians, Aristotle formed the concept of mentalism, with a mind independent of the body but functioning through the heart (cardiac hypothesis) - Aristotle believed the brain was a cooling system, the larger the intellect, the greater the size of this cooling system - Today, mentalism views the seat of mental processes is the brain, not the heart Galen - Galen operated as a physician in the Roman era and tended to the wounds of several gladiators - It was religiously forbidden to dissect a human, so Galen observed these wounds to study the body - He saw networks of cables that connected the entire body to the brain and hypothesized that the brain was in fact the center of thought (brain hypothesis) - He believed that the fluid-containing ventricles were responsible for mental processes, as he thought this fluid communicated to the body through the vessels he observed running throughout the body Andreas Vesalius: Anatomical Illustration - An anatomist of great influence who mapped detailed anatomical illustrations that built off of Galen’s idea of fluid flow Rene Descartes: Dualism - Rene was interested by the machines of his day and the anatomical illustrations of Vesalius and Galen - This inspired his dualistic view, which posits that the min
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