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Chapter 4

Lecture 6 (Chapter 4 - Feb 11) - PSYCH 2TT3

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Brett Beston

PSYCH 2TT3 2013 Lecture 6February 11 2013 Chapter 4Learning The Role of Innate BehaviourInnate Behavioura behaviour determined by the hardwiring of the nervous system o Built into the species and not acquired by practice hereditaryTaxes movement towardaway from stimulusReflexes InstinctsGuided by instincts o Rather inflexible inborn behaviour o Much more complex than reflexes o Eg building a web involves multiple steps more than just reacting to an electrical shock o Innate behaviours vary in complexity o Eg Possum acting dead when predator is near o Eg Tuttles just hatched instinctively they know how to orient selves toward ocean in order to maximize survival o Our instincts are proof if the author of their Being has refused them an understanding like that of man he has compensated for it by sending them into the world ready instructed and much better instructed than if he had left to them the care of instructing themselves Gilles A Bazin 1744 Natural History of BeesGenetically Programmed o PeachFaced Lovebirds o Fischers Lovebirds o Have certain behaviours next building that have strong genetic componentsurprisingly little experiential modification of behaviouro Peach Faced Nest Buildingsmall size of strip picking up stereotype motion on how they turn head to get strip of bark from twig tucks twig into tail to carry it o Fischers Nest Buildingcarry strips in beach carry longer strips than Peach Faced o Can have hybrid offspring sterile Has combination of parents behaviourSize of barkmid lengthTry to tuck twig into tail but cannot Continues behaviour even though cannot tuck twig in tail Advantages of Innate Behaviour o No experience required o Low cost of neural mechanisms o Setting the stage for future experienceCan set stage for learning experiencesLearning as an adaptive TraitAnimals are more likely to attend to and learn valuable informationInnate behaviours give us cues as to what is worth paying attention to o How do animals learnLearning from innate behaviour o Innate biases o Repetition of relevant information o Emotions fear joy etcParental Love o Mothers and child share a strong relationship 1
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