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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Richard B Day

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Chapter 7 – Making the Most of Emotional Experiences Emotion-Focused Coping: Discovering theAdaptive Potential of EmotionalApproach - 20th century, emotions seen as dysfunctional and worked against rationality o Correlation between greater emotion-focused coping and poorer life outcomes deemed invalid - EmotionalApproach: active movement toward a stressful encounter o BehaviouralActivation System: regulates our appetitive motivation, which helps us realize emotional or behavioural rewards o Behavioural Inhibition System: functions to help us to avoid negative events and punishment - Emotion-focused coping revealed better coping strategies with various situations (women’s adjustments to breast cancer) when given a preference to be able to express emotions or to be given factual information on situation in sessions o Emotional preference influences coping conditions - The amygdala plays a significant role in our thought processes during more stressful times Emotional Intelligence: Learning the Skills that Make a Difference - Mowrer; emotion was “a high order of intelligence” o Adapting to life circumstances required cognitive abilities and emotional skills that guide behaviour o Three core components: 1. Appraisal and expression 2. Regulation 3. Utilization - Salovey and Mayar’s Four BranchAbility Model Branch 1 Branch 2 Branch 3 Branch 4 -Need skills to -Using emotions and -The skills needed to foster -Mood be able to emotional understanding to an understanding of complex regulation perceive and facilitate thinking emotions, relationships skills express feelings -Emotionally intelligent = among emotions, and -need to relationships between -Considered a can handle and work with emotions and behavioural
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