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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Richard B Day

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Chapter 8 – Seeing Our Futures Through Self-Efficacy, Optimism, and Hope Self-Efficacy ADefinition - “peoples’beliefs in their capabilities to produce desired effects by their own actions” (Bandura) - Outcome Expectancies: what needs to be done to achieve a desired goal - Efficacy Expectancies: a person’s own analysis of his/her capability to complete the necessary action ChildhoodAntecedents: Where does Self-Efficacy Come From? - Learned human pattern of thinking - Begins in infancy and continues throughout life span - Humans actively shape their lives - Social Cognitive Theory: suggests that people’s self-efficacy influences their actions and thoughts in such a way that they shape their environments - Development includes: 1. Previous successes in similar situations 2. Modeling on others in the same situations 3. Imagining oneself behaving effectively 4. Undergoing persuasion by powerful, trustworthy, expert, and attractive other people 5. Arousal and emotion The Neurobiology of Self-Efficacy - Frontal and prefrontal lobes  facilitate the prioritization of goals and planning - Right hemisphere  when faced with goal-directed tasks, reacts to problem - Self-efficacy or perceived control possibly an underlying biological variable that facilitates coping o Production of neuroendocrines and catecholami
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