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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Attachment, Love, and Flourishing Relationships - When don’t feel love, affection, and belongingness (Maslow), feel lonely and worthless Infant Attachment - 1 attachment: between child and caregiver o Whether adaptive or maladaptive behaviours are put forth, makes an impact on the child (frustration vs. trust) o Connects in both physical and emotional space (protection and emotional security) - Experiment: Strange Situation – child and caregiver, then caregiver removed o Secure pattern: explore the environment and pursue contact with caregiver o Insecure pattern: increasing tension, avoidance  Can lead later on to relationship problems, emotional disorders, etc. Adult Attachment Security - Self-Model: integrated perception of one’s own social competence, appeal, and lovability - Other Model: use self-model along with their expectations regarding the accessibility, responsiveness, and consistency of caregivers o Allows one to make interpersonal decisions - AdultAttachment Interview  clinical assessment of adult attachment o Secure/autonomous, dismissing, preoccupied, unresolved/disorganized o Classification system: attachment-related avoidance and attachment-related anxiety  Secure style = low in both dimensions  Dismissing style = high on avoidance, low on anxiety  Preoccupied style = low on avoidance, high on anxiety  Fearful style = high in both dimensions - SecureAdult Attachment: involves a comfort with emotional closeness and a general lack of concern about being abandoned by others Love - Brings people closer together both physically and emotionally - Four traditions of love 1. The search for the beautiful (Eros) 2. The affection in friendship (Philia) 3. Submission and obedience to the divine (Nomos) 4. The bestowal of love by the divine (Agape) - “Romantic love may not be essential in life, but it may be essential to joy.” Passionate and CompanionateAspects of Romantic Love - Passionate Love: involves a state of absorption between two people that often is accompanied by moods ranging from ecstasy to anguish - Companionate Love: manifested in a strong bond and an intertwining of lives that brings about feelings of comfort and peace o Two forms can occur simultaneously or intermittently (rather than sequentially) The Triangular Theory of Love - Love is a mix of three components 1. Passion, or physical attractiveness and romantic dri
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