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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Classifications and Measures of Strengths and Positive Outcomes - Karl Menninger, power of life’s instincts o Hope, faith, and love Classifications and Measures of Strength  Gallup’s Clifton Strengthsfinder o Talents could be operationalized, studied, and accentuated in work and in academic settings  Thought of talent as natural based on a pattern of thoughts, feelings, or behaviours that are applied  Comes as a result of normal, healthy childhood development and experiences  Strength = talent + knowledge and skills • The ability to be consistent and be able to perform nearly-perfect on a specific task o Study of successes within work and academic settings exposed about three dozen types of talent (arranger, maximize, positivity, etc.)  Winning Others Over (WOO)  highest internal consistency (0.79)  Individulization, Input, and Relator  lowest (<0.60) o Correlation between Clifton StrengthsFinder and Big 5  Result: initial validity of measurement, but not highly correlated o Clifton Youth StrengthsExplorer: talent classification system and measure appropriate for children and youth (ages 10 to 14)  Helps to identify strengths so that energies can be directed towards maximizing their potentials  The VIA Classification of Strengths o “serves as an antithesis of the DSM”  Way of understanding psychological strengths (as opposed to weaknesses) o Provides a common language when discussing human strengths o Character = virtues + character strengths + situational themes o 24 strengths identified, under 6 overarching virtues (VIA-IS) 1. Wisdom and knowledge 2. Courage 3. Humanity 4. Justice 5. Temperance 6. Transcendence  Women score higher on humanity  AfricanAmericans score higher on spirituality strengths o Validity? Evidence 1. Nominations of strengths by friends and family correlate at about 0.50 2. Majority of scale positively correlate with scores on measures of LS 3. Factor analyses provide some support for the existence of 6 virtues • Results suggest 5 factors o Measure has a youth scale as well Values
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