PSYCH 2C03 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Krypto, Condom, Random Assignment

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Published on 10 Dec 2014
Social Psychology 2C03 – Midterm 1 Textbook Notes –
Chapter 2
Fundamentally, many social problems can be studied scientifically.
Don’t always assume, because it rings true with common sense.
Hindsight Bias – the tendency for people to exaggerate how much they could have
predicted the outcome after knowing it has occurred.
Roeses & Olson 1996
University of Western Ontario
Read a story of based on WWI
Independent Variable
Outcome one – the village gets destroyed
Outcome two – the village is saved
Results – both outcome groups said that “The ending was soooo obvious!”
Three Methods of Research
Observational (Description)
Correlational (Description)
Experimental (Causality)
Theory – an organized set of principles that can be used to explain an observed
Hypothesis – a testable statement or idea about the relationship between two or more
Many studies stem from a researcher’s dissatisfaction with existing theories and
Operational Definition – the precise specification of how variables are measured and/or
Pepler & Craig
Power Imbalance Operationalization – discrepancy in height and wright between
the children involved.
Bullying measured between kids in school
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