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Religious Studies
Liyakat Takim

Lecture 2 + Readings It’s the epistemology of this course while looking at religion Islam: Faith and History by Mahmoud Ayoub  takes a phenomenal approach  it is probable that Muhammad was Hanif  the value system in mecca; there was no after life the most important man was the person who engaged/lived in hedonistic activity  historically they were a society that enjoyed; drinking, dancing  fatalism* important for pre-Islamic Arabia o believe that there is no meaning of life after death o Muhammad comes and says; that bones would come together and that there is an afterlife, he was accused of being crazy  the eschatology-end of times/after life  Al-maa’t o he came to them with an eschatology; the last versus focus on the After life; revealed in mecca  the target audience were the people who didn’t believe o Hanif’s were not fatalists / it was like the religion of Abraham o the Quran responds to this immediate context  the Quranic language is similar to the inflective nature of the magicians  it is archaic form of Arabic  fits the Meccan style  the strategies developed to make it perceptive  Quran had to be magical  the Quran says that it is not poetry  it wants to stand out  miraculous nature; is self evidence  Reveled in such a way when expressed orally-the magical nature of the sound  this was for a society that did not write much  for the most part the Quran was memorized  mental recitation  his lectures, speeches and sermons were memorized (Muhammad)  people would memorize the whole thing – William Gram  The spoken word;  as we go to a culture of writing the magic of memorization is lost Chapter 1  Quran=guidance for mankind  god and his nature: his existence for the Quran is strictly  It was the time where there w
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